DBS Checks for Nursery Staff

An enhanced DBS check is necessary for all those working in childcare.


Ofsted has made DBS checks for nursery staff a role requirement

An enhanced DBS check is necessary for all those working in childcare. Ofsted has made DBS checks for nursery staff a role requirement, as the job involves working directly with children on a regular basis. A strict DBS check policy for nursery workers is an important safeguarding measure to help assess an individual’s suitability for the role and to ensure the wellbeing of the young students. The check is carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

What Exactly does an Enhanced DBS Check for a Nursery Manager and Other Staff Reveal?

By applying to an enhanced DBS check, employers can find out about any spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings or reprimands on an individual’s record.

What is the Process of Getting DBS Checks for Nursery Staff?

Adhering to DBS policy for nursery staff is an easy process with us. The individual simply needs to fill out an online form and get it verified by their employer. The results are then sent via email. If all goes well, the individual will then be issued with an enhanced DBS certificate which enables them to start working as nursery staff. The certificate is now required to register with Ofsted as a nursery manager.

How Long does it take to Carry out DBS Checks for Nursery Staff?

The time it takes to process a check can vary for each individual, based on their past record and whether they’ve lived in many different countries. An enhanced DBS check can take a maximum of 8 weeks, but it is likely to be much less. On our For Employers system you will sometimes you get a result within hours.

Enhanced DBS Check for £69.80
Single application only. Results available within 5 - 10 days*

*The turnaround times given are the average times taken for completion of the application. The time it takes can vary depending on local police searches, multiple addresses, common names and multiple name changes.

Sign up for the DBS Update Service

As Ofsted only accepts a certificate within 3 months of its issue date, we’d highly recommend signing up for the DBS update service. Otherwise, you may need to get a new DBS check every time you get a new role.

Not sure which type of check you need for your nursery role or confused about the application process? If you have any questions or would like more information, you can get in touch with our team of friendly experts as soon as today!