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If you would like to sign up to our e-Bulk DBS service, then it is mandatory to process a minimum of 10 checks per year. If you are going to be processing less than 10 checks please follow this link to apply for your DBS checks https://www.onlinedbschecks.co.uk/

The fee to open a DBS account is £50 plus VAT. There are no ongoing fees, however if you do not process a minimum of 10 checks per year then we will close your account.

Please take a moment to review the following documents which relate to the terms of our eBulk account opening and confirm that you comply and agree with them by completing the form below.


Now provided by the Disclosure Barring Service. Only contains details of unspent convictions.*Results: 5 - 10 days £39.40


Formerly a CRB check, only available for certain occupations & entry into specified professions.*Results: 48 hours £51.80


The highest level Disclosure for those training caring & supervising children/vulnerable adults*Results: 5 - 10 days £69.80

We offer one of the fastest & simplest online Disclosure checking services available. All our Disclosures are processed online simplifying the submission process & providing results via email.

Available to individuals as a stand alone service the process could not be simpler.

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