DBS Check, 7 Reasons to Apply Online

DBS: Postal or Online?

When applying for a new job, depending on the field, your new employer might request that you complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS check). The three types of DBS check allow you to work in specific fields, including (but not limited to) teachingsocial carechildmindinguniversities and even the charity sector.

You may be required to complete one of the following:

If you need to apply for a DBS check you need to confirm whether this needs to be done using paper forms or whether you can do it online. While applying for DBS checks online and on paper are both viable options, we firmly believe that you are better off requesting your DBS check online.

We are not in any way discrediting the traditional method of applying for DBS by post, as this is still a valid and preferable choice to some. We are saying that there are numerous benefits of online DBS checks, which can save you money, time and stress.

We have outlined seven reasons why applying for your DBS online is your best option.

DBS Online Application

1. There is less chance for error.

DBS applications that have any errors or mistakes could be hit by delays in the turnaround times, and the impact of an inaccurate DBS certificate could be costly. If you submit a postal DBS application form, and come to find out there is an error on the form, the form will be returned to you for correction via post as well. Instead, online applications can be returned electronically and the process of correction is simpler and wouldn’t require a second trip to a post box. Obviously, eliminating errors in any way is the best step to take, but any corrections are easily rectified electronically.

2. You can track your application.

By applying for a DBS check online, you can track the application’s progress to check what stage your check is at. DBS online tracking helps you assess how long you can expect to wait until your certificate is sent to you. You just don’t have the same peace of mind when applying for DBS checks by post.

3. Online DBS checks take less time

As previously mentioned, the turnaround times are much quicker if you apply for an online DBS check, rather than a paper form. Paper applications rely on the postal service. Paper documents need to get certified as authentic and that they belong to you before being sent off, and this can be significantly delayed if there is a backlog of paper applications. Whether applying for an online DBS check or whether applying for one via post, your documents will need to be verified. Applying online means you can upload the documents instantly and do not have to wait for them to come back to you in the post.

For more information about DBS check turnaround times, please read our blog post

4. They are more cost-effective if done online.

If you are registered with us as an employer and are responsible for overseeing multiple DBS online applications, you’ll not only get access to high-quality systems for the fast track DBS service but also, you’ll be able to request unlimited DBS checks online with zero registration fees. This comes as part of our full screening programme or as a standalone service, with your results being sent to you swiftly via email. Employers can manage their own secure panel, on which candidates can be added and removed, where the progress can be monitored and results can be viewed instantly.

More info about DBS checks for employers here.

Apply for more than one DBS check here.

5. It’s environmentally friendly.

It goes without saying that online DBS applications are definitely better for the environment than using paper. You’ll save on paper usage as well as transportation costs in getting your documents where they need to be.

6. You can complete online DBS applications using a mobile phone.

In case you needed another reason to apply online, you can now use your mobile phone to apply for all three disclosure levels of DBS check. Our website is fully mobile friendly meaning you don’t even have to go through the hassle of finding a computer!

7. You have access to immediate expert DBS advice if you apply online.

During the application process, you may have some questions about your DBS certificate, such as:

“How long does a DBS check take?”
“How much does a DBS check cost?”
Is a DBS check the same as a CRB check?

The team here are all experts with significant experience in providing companies with efficient employee screening solutions. We have a proven and effective criminal record checking service as well. So you should feel comfortable knowing that you have plenty of specialists available to answer any queries you have.

Check out our FAQs and some common DBS questions should you have any queries.

To find out more, get in touch with us via email, phone or our web form.

Apply for DBS online.


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