DBS Checks: Advantages & Disadvantages

DBS Checks are a widely available and essential service for many industries, but some view the process as a negative element of employment.

Though employment in a large number of job roles now require a mandatory DBS or background check, many potential employees are confused to learn that the assessment applies to them too.

Though these particular checks are in place to protect the safety and security of businesses and their employees, many deem them inconvenient, focusing on their negative impact on employment.

Our latest blog discusses the pros and cons of DBS Checks and how they could potentially positively or negatively impact a recruitment process.


Performing DBS checks on new employees has many advantages. These include:

1. Higher Quality Applicants

By performing the necessary checks, employers have peace of mind that the individuals they are looking to employ are the right fit for the job. Employers can never be 100% certain that the employees they hire are legitimate; hence these checks are almost always necessary.

This, in turn, improves the quality of the candidates looking to be successful and can ensure that a company are receiving the best applicants for the job.

2. Improved Staff Retention & Cost Savings

Due to an increase in the quality of applicants hired for the job, companies are more likely to see a reduction in staff turnover.

DBS Checks also ensure that applicants cannot lie about previous convictions and that only truthful information will be available to employers upon completion of the check.

3. Employer Security

Employers can also have peace of mind with regard to business security.

Pre-employment checks like DBS Checks allow employers to hire staff with no previous convictions related to the role. This makes them even more certain that the candidate is right for the job and diminishes any doubts.

4. Safety

DBS Checks improve workplace safety by protecting employees from liability if accusations are made against them.

DBS checks, as well as being a legal requirement, are also extremely necessary for jobs working with vulnerable groups, those handling sensitive information and anybody dealing with finances.

These job roles within the company are protected upon completion of a DBS Check.

5. Regulation Compliance

Working in contact with children and vulnerable adults legally requires employers to hire people without relevant convictions. This means that employees and service users can be reassured any members of staff they come into contact with are safe to be around.


Though there are many advantages, it's important to be mindful of the disadvantages of DBS checks. These may include:

1. Cost

The cost of a DBS check isn't cheap, and the more advanced the required check is, the higher the price. Businesses will always be looking to keep costs low and therefore feel that skipping a DBS online application is appropriate.

However, whether you are submitting one or 100 applications, Online DBS checks can process them in a timely and affordable manner. Avoiding a DBS Check should always be a last resort, if not a risk you should never take.

2. Fear of Inaccuracies

Though the DBS checking procedure is thorough and usually very accurate, occasionally some mistakes may be made.

Companies that have previously fallen victim to a DBS Check mistake may be hesitant to invest in checks for further employees. This is a costly risk to take for businesses aiming to keep employment costs at a minimum.

3. Unfair or Discriminatory

As unfair as it may seem, DBS Checks can sometimes cause an employer to refuse employment to good candidates based on their background history.

DBS Checks can create an unfair bias against people with imperfect criminal records. This leads to candidates that would be perfect for job roles retreating from the employment process through fear of being judged.

4. Privacy Concerns

Most people do not enjoy having their privacy invaded, even if it is for a necessary cause, and they have nothing to hide.

Some employees, on the other hand, might not want their future employers to know their history, specifically information that would be available on a DBS certificate. This may, as a result, deter employers from hiring certain candidates due to their reaction to taking part in a DBS check.

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