Are DBS Checks Affected by Changing Your Name?

Many people across the UK have previously been asked to apply for a DBS check. If you’re one of them, you’ll have an understanding of how important it is to supply the correct information with your application. Any incorrect or incomplete details you provide could mean that the Disclosure and Barring Service struggle to distinguish your criminal record from other UK citizens, increasing the risk of your DBS certificate being inaccurate. It could also mean your DBS check is delayed, which isn’t ideal for time-sensitive job applications.

Depending on why you’re required to complete a DBS application, you may request either a BasicStandard or Enhanced DBS check. No matter which level of DBS disclosure you complete, one thing stays the same – your results won’t expire. This raises questions if any of your details change, especially crucial personal information such as your name.

If your name changes for any reason after a DBS check has been completed, it’s essential that you know all the advice listed in this blog post.

Potential Reasons for a Name Change

Before looking further into how a name change can affect an existing DBS check certificate, it is vital to understand why they occur. There are several common reasons for individuals to change their name, which include:

  • Marriage – The most common reason for individuals to decide to change their name. After marriage or other commitment ceremonies, many people legally change their name to match their partners.
  • Divorce or Separation – For the same reasons explained above, divorce is also a principal reason for individuals to change their names legally.
  • Religious ConversionPersonal Taste and Identity – Apart from personal relationships, there are many other reasons people choose to change their name. We all have the option to select a new name, which is legally available for a variety of reasons.

Is Updating Your DBS Check a Legal Necessity?

DBS checks are not a legal necessity for any job role or industry, despite their widespread use. Therefore, it is not a legal requirement to inform the Disclosure and Barring Service following a name change. However, in some areas of work (especially those that require regular contact with children or vulnerable adults), your employer may require you to provide an up-to-date DBS check to continue in the position.

If you are ever asked to present your disclosure results again, providing your updated information to a DBS checking service may be worth considering – so how should you do this?

How to Update DBS Checks after a Name Change

After legally changing your name, your employer may request you get in contact with a DBS checking service. Unfortunately, your DBS check will not automatically update when you inform them of your name change, as your criminal record will need to be rechecked using your new title.

Instead, you will either need to create a new DBS online application with your updated name or use the DBS Update Service. The DBS Update Service allows you to update any information on your DBS certificate, including your name, as long as you apply to access the service within 14 days of receiving your original certificate.

What’s the Cost of Updating a DBS Check?

For your change of name to be on record with the Disclosure and Barring Service, you’ll need to pay the standard fee for a new DBS check. Doing so through the simple application process employed by Online DBS Checks will only cost a minimum of £39.40 for a Basic DBS check and slightly more for a Standard DBS check or the Enhanced equivalent (prices only valid at the time of writing – subject to change). However, your employer may front this cost for you if you approach them, but this is not guaranteed.

If you decide to sign up for the DBS Update Service within the 14 days after receiving your certificate, this will cost £13 per year. If you’ve been asked to request a new DBS online application by an employer, they may be willing to pay any fees for you. However, that’s not always the case, so you should check this before continuing.

Potential DBS Update Issues

To make it easier for the DBS check experts to find all of your details and complete your certificate, you must include your new name along with any old names you’ve previously had. If you don’t, your results could be severely delayed. This is an essential step to take if your new name is a common one, as it will be much more challenging for the DBS check provider to pick out the correct criminal record results without further information.

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