Do you Need a Home-Based Position DBS Check?

What is a Home-Based Position Check?

If you are working from home, you must follow the correct procedure as it pertains to DBS checks. Many aren’t aware that even if you are working from your current address, whether that is due to current events or not, in some cases you still need to apply for DBS checks online.

There is some confusion about positions and activities which require home-based position (HBP) checks. A home-based position check is essentially an additional check, which works in unison with an Enhanced DBS check.

Home-Based Position Roles

Roles are considered home-based positions if:

An applicant carries out work with children/vulnerable adults from their home address.
An applicant lives in the household of someone who is being/has been checked because they work with children/vulnerable adults from their own home.

Roles are not considered home-based positions if they are based in the home of the individual being cared for.

The child/vulnerable adult has to be present in the home of the applicant.
If Enhanced DBS checks apply to other household members (rather than the applicant), there has to be an opportunity for contact with children in the home.

There is currently no legislation which allows DBS checks for individuals (living in the household of someone providing personal care/healthcare/social care) for adults who need it.

Types of Eligible Roles

The following roles and positions require an individual to apply for an Enhanced DBS online, and are also eligible for HBPs:

  • Roles which involve teaching, supervising, guiding or providing care to children, such as nannies.
  • Childminding, adopting or fostering.
  • Working (and/or living on the premises of) schools, children’s homes, nurseries or children’s centres.
  • Healthcare, social care or personal care as a regulated activity.

The same rules apply regarding DBS checks for volunteers.

Regarding volunteers and workers who have been called upon to help the NHS with the COVID-19 pandemic, if you need to apply for an emergency DBS check, please click here.

Remote Working

For clarity, home-based position checks are required if a person carries out eligible work with children or vulnerable adults from their place of residence. HBPs are not necessary if, for example, a teacher carries out any work remotely for children. This is because the children are not in the presence of the teacher’s home address.

However, a mental health counsellor, for example, would need Enhanced disclosure if they welcomed clients to their home to carry out their work. If this person were working remotely to provide their counselling, they would still need to apply for a DBS check.

There is a grey area around DBS checks and the self-employed, so if you need any assistance, we are more than happy to help.

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