Can you Fast Track DBS Checks?

Fast DBS Checks

If you have ever wondered how to receive a DBS check within as little as 48 hours, wouldn’t it be nice to apply for DBS checks with a company that could make that happen?

Online DBS Checks manage to produce Enhanced DBS checks very quickly, and in large quantities for numerous clients of ours. So if you want to find out how to get a DBS check quickly, read on.

When it comes to employers who need more than one DBS check application to be completed, we have a Fast Track DBS (e-bulk) service. We have various measures in place to ensure a transparent, efficient and seamless process for our customers who are dealing with multiple DBS checks at one time.

How do we do it?

Fast Track DBS Process

There are several reasons as to why we’re able to produce numerous types of DBS checks for employers across the country.

  1. Efficient operating system – when you submit a DBS application, it is automatically uploaded to the DBS check system to be processed. This is one of the many benefits of DBS checks online, as opposed to using paper application forms. Employers no longer require physical copies; everything can instead be overseen electronically. We can provide employers with a self-administered system where they can add new candidates, track a DBS check currently in progress, and receive the results instantly. What is disclosed will depend entirely on which DBS check to apply for. We are happy to say our operating system is 99% error-free.
  2. Customer service – ensuring you are making the best recruitment decisions is essential, and we agree with that. We understand how important that is for our clients, as much as it is for ourselves. We want to make sure our clients are satisfied with the service they are getting from Online DBS Checks and that any queries with systems, screening enquiries and discrepancies are dealt with promptly.
  3. Direct relationship with the DBS – we have been a partner of the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly the CRB) for a long time. Therefore it’s fair to say we have considerable experience in employment vetting and screening. This also makes tracking DBS checks significantly easier for individuals applying for all three levels of DBS check (BasicStandard and Enhanced). The only caveat being that Standard and Enhanced DBS checks have to be requested by an employer.

What’s more, there is no maximum limit to the amount of checks which employers can request, nor are there any registration fees.

Why is my DBS Check Taking so Long?

If you have a DBS check which is taking a long time to process, there is a good chance it will be stuck with your local Police Force. Whether a BasicStandard or Enhanced DBS check, these cannot be completed until they have done what they need to do.

It’s not because the Police are neglecting to complete a DBS application; it is because the check is manually undertaken by each Force, all of whom have to adhere to strict verification steps.

Online DBS Checks always aim to ensure every DBS online application is processed as quickly as possible.

How Long does a DBS Check Take?

You can also refer to our blog about average times for DBS checks for more information.

It is really important to remember that there is no guaranteed turnaround time for a DBS check to be processed. Due to the individual nature and complexity of each check, as well as the level of disclosure, the turnaround times can be exceptionally varied for each person.

DBS checks for volunteers, for example, may take slightly less time than a check for those applying for checks to work in schoolsuniversities or the care sector. There really is no universal answer for how long DBS checks take.

However, if you are planning on using our secure system portal to track applications in your business, you will be able to keep a watchful eye of each application’s progress.

We therefore recommend you submit a DBS check application as soon as possible, to allow for the maximum processing time.

Ready to apply for multiple DBS checks, click here.

Speak to us directly if you have any questions.

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