Why Are DBS Checks Now Cheaper?

Since their creation in 2012, DBS checks have continually developed, with the internal systems being regularly reviewed and improved to ensure that every applicant receives the best possible service. Included in this is a regular analysis of the DBS fees and charges that applicants need to pay to ensure that anyone looking to apply for a DBS check gets good value for money.

It’s for this reason that a reduction in the fees required to apply for a DBS check online was introduced on 6th April 2022. These reduced costs make DBS checks more affordable for anyone who needs them, and here at Online DBS Checks, we’re happy to be able to reflect these savings in our fees as well.

Continue reading to learn about the reduced DBS fees, how this affects the prices that Online DBS Checks offer, and why this step has been taken.

Why have the DBS Reduced Fees?

DBS checks are run by the Disclosure and Barring Service, which is an executive non-departmental public body. This status means that the DBS can adjust its prices depending on the quality and success of its operations.

Thankfully, recent reviews show that the efficiency of the DBS checking system has improved, so these operational savings are being passed on to potential applicants.

The price reduction offered by the DBS will assist companies of all sizes by lowering their recruitment costs, which is especially important in the current employment climate, where finding personnel is more challenging than ever.

This cut in charges has also coincided with the hike in the National Living Wage, meaning that anyone that requires a DBS check will hopefully be able to afford one.


What are the New Fees for DBS Checks?

As soon as we received notification of the new DBS fees, Online DBS Checks made the reductions to our prices.

Our experienced team has helped complete BasicStandard, and Enhanced DBS checks for individuals and companies across the UK in a timely manner.

We’re delighted to offer our high-quality services for a great value.

The updated prices for the three levels of DBS checks are:

  • Basic DBS - £35.40 (the £4 reduction in the official DBS fee has been reflected in our price, which was previously £39.40 for Basic disclosure checks)
  • Standard DBS - £49.20 (there have been over £2 of reductions in the price of Standard DBS checks, which we previously priced at £51.80 per check)
  • Enhanced DBS - £69.80 (pricing has remained the same as before the fee reductions due to admin fees and VAT)

*Prices are subject to change, only accurate at the time of writing.*


The Benefits of Using Online DBS Checks

By choosing our services to complete all your DBS online applications, individuals and businesses can rest assured knowing that they can keep track of their ongoing applications through every stage of the process using the Online DBS Checks website portal.

Alongside these reduced fees for DBS checking services, there’s never been a better time to apply for a DBS check online. Doing so can help you rest assured that candidates barred from working with vulnerable groups will be successful in their application for your role.

Will the Fees Change for Other Checks and Services?

If you’re hoping that these reductions have also affected the costs of other charges associated with DBS checks, unfortunately, no additional fees have changed due to these price reductions. The only ones that have changed are the DBS check prices.

Therefore, further checks and services supplied by the Disclosure and Barring Service, such as Barred List checks, the DBS Update Service, Adult First Checks and Volunteer DBS Checks, remain the same price as they were before 6th April 2022.

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