DBS Update Service – What You Need to Know

The Disclosure and Barring Service and their services are present in a large number of employment sectors. Each service that they offer serves a different purpose and can often be difficult for many to navigate.

One of these services is the DBS Update service which provides support for DBS Check applicants following their application.

The following article will outline all aspects of the DBS Update Service, how it benefits each applicant and how you can apply today.

What is the DBS Update Service?

The DBS Update Service is an online service that is provided by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

The service allows applicants to maintain their Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks up-to-date. Not only this, applicants’ employers can view their documents digitally at any given moment (with the applicant’s permission).

This service is also commonly referred to as a ‘portable DBS’. It allows applicants to take their DBS certificate for each role they choose to apply for within the same workforce. It’s important to note, however, that every additional role following the role at the time of application requires the same level of check for the certificate to be acceptable.

How Much Does the Update Service Cost?

To have access to the service all year round, the cost is £13 pounds.

Each billing year for the service commences on the date on which the DBS Certificate was issued to the applicant. If you are submitting a volunteer application or certificate, there is no charge for this.

How long does registration to the Update Service last?

A renewal for registration is required on an annual basis. Before each applicant’s subscription comes to an end, the Disclosure and Barring Service will contact them via email. In this email, the DBS will alert the applicant of their ending subscription and asks if they would like to renew for the following year.

How to Register for the Update Service

In order to be eligible to join the DBS Update Service, applicants must have applied for a DBS Check prior.

There are three different ways to register for the DBS Update Service:

1. Application Reference Number

The first way to register is by using your application reference number. This can be done either upon completion of the application or part-way through.

However, if you join the DBS Update Service using a reference number of a partially completed application, the DBS must receive the completed DBS Check application within 28 days of joining.

2. DBS Certificate Number

Secondly, you can use your DBS Certificate Number if your application has been completed.

In order to be eligible to sign up for the DBS Update Service, you must submit an application to join within 30 days of the issue date displayed on your certificate.

3. E-Reference Number

The third and final way to register for the service is by using your e-reference number.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that you will only have an e-reference number if your application has been applied for through an e-bulk registered body.

Can you sign up for the Update Service with a Basic DBS Check?

As it stands, the DBS Update service is unavailable for anybody with completed checks besides a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. Only those partaking in a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check can apply for the update service.

It is possible to join the service whilst a check is still being processed using the e-reference number given by the e-bulk provider at the time of application.

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