Are you a COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteer? You may Need a DBS Check

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on, the biggest silver lining is that the UK seems to be heading in a positive direction with its remarkable vaccine rollout programme.

With the government’s recent press conference announcing a roadmap out of lockdown, which we all hope will be for the last time, the NHS is continuing to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people every day. The most vulnerable groups are still being prioritised.

The NHS is still relying heavily on vaccine supplies and personnel to administer as many as possible, even as more centres are being opened and more vaccines are closer to being approved post-clinical trials. They still are calling for volunteers to help in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

DBS Checks for NHS Volunteers

The NHS needs as many volunteers as possible to assist with vaccinations to continue the other vital NHS services. Second doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine are required for the tens of millions of people who have already had their first dose. It’s still a critical time and essential that anyone called upon to help the NHS go through the relevant DBS checks as quickly as possible.

Here at Online DBS Checks, we offer a Fast Track service for those providing care to support vulnerable people as they get their vaccinations.

The following checks will have zero DBS fees for any volunteers supporting the NHS during the pandemic:

The DBS check costs have been wiped for anyone called upon to help, although an administration fee will still apply. Read more information about DBS checks for volunteers with COVID-19 here.

Which Roles Require a DBS Check?

So who is eligible for a DBS check for vaccinations? Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine team opportunities include:

  • Registered vaccinator – those who administer the vaccine.
  • Registered healthcare professional (immunisations) – assisting with configuring the vaccination pods and stations, conducting clinical assessments and preparing the vaccines.
  • RHCP clinical supervisor – day-to-day management of clinical staff, assisting with changes within the setting.
Woman in protective suit hold test tube with positive result infected with coronavirus COVID - 19. Photo Illustration.

The above roles would be eligible for the Fast Track DBS service with us. Refer to the NHS COVID-19 vaccine programme page for more information regarding the application process.

There are other roles that the NHS are recruiting for.

  • Volunteer responders – the NHS has asked the Royal Voluntary Service and St John Ambulance Service to help co-ordinate the training and deployment of volunteers.
  • Patient advocate – people who are responsible for meeting and greeting those who are attending their vaccination appointments.
  • Administrators and reception support – providing administration support, managing records, consent and so on, but not giving actual vaccinations.
  • Vaccination centre cleaner – those who are responsible for ensuring vaccination centre cleanliness and hygiene.

These other roles are not eligible for the Fast Track service, but individuals will still need to apply for a DBS check.

Which DBS Check for Vaccination Support?

Depending on whether the role you’ll be assisting with, you will need to apply for a DBS online.

For roles that involve direct contact with vulnerable adults, you’ll need to apply for an Enhanced DBS check if you are carrying out a regulated activity. For positions that don’t involve direct care, it’s likely a Standard DBS application that’ll be needed.

For any other roles, you’ll need to apply for a Basic DBS check.

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