DBS Checks for the Self-Employed

When is a DBS Check Required?

DBS check is required to work within specific sectors and industries, depending on the groups of people you will be expected to work with. They determine whether an individual is suitable for a position. Typically, you can’t apply for a DBS check yourself as they are usually requested by a company, organisation or governing body.

So how do you get a DBS check if you are self-employed?

There is one level of DBS check which individuals can apply for themselves, without any company authorisation required. However, other types of DBS check require them to be submitted by an employer or organisation. Therefore, many self-employed people face the dilemma of trying to apply for DBS checks for themselves. Let’s try and clear any confusion up.

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DBS Checks for Individuals

As an individual, you cannot apply for an Enhanced DBS check or a Standard DBS check. This can only be done via organisations or companies.

If you require one as a self-employed individual, and you are entering work that involves potentially coming into contact with vulnerable adults or children, there are some options available.

Depending on the sector you are working in, and assuming you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a Standard DBS check or Enhanced DBS check through your Local Authority or the relevant governing body.

As specified, you can request a Basic DBS check yourself. However, we provide a fully-managed account system for employers requiring multiple Basic DBS checks. Our system allows employers to submit several applications to help implement a Fast Track DBS process, where checks can be monitored through an online portal.

Read more about our DBS Checks for Employers page for multiple DBS applications.

What Jobs Require a DBS Check?

There are several roles which require a DBS check, across several industries. These could all be jobs that anyone could perform as a self-employed individual, many of which you would not expect to need a DBS check.

Applying for a DBS Check if Self-Employed

Why can’t self-employed people apply for Enhanced DBS checks?

DBS Checks – A Summary

In summary, the self-employed can’t apply for Enhanced DBS checks online in the same way they can for a Basic check. Nor can they obtain a check in the same way employers can for people directly applying with them. If you need any further assistance with self-employment DBS checks, please get in touch with us directly, and we will happily answer any questions you have.

Please also refer to our FAQs and common DBS check questions blog post.

What Types of DBS Check are there?

Basic DBS Check

Standard DBS Check

Enhanced DBS Check

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