DBS Checks & Responsible or Nominated Organisations

Care facilities need to ensure they comply with the relevant regulations and meet all staff conditions. Responsible or nominated individuals come into play here; they have specific responsibilities regarding the regulated activities in these facilities. Regulated activities play a vital part in DBS check eligibility for individuals.

Certain people can apply for DBS checks online to support their job, depending on what they do in the facility. But do responsible and nominated individuals need to apply for a DBS as well? We’ve created this short guide to clarify any confusion around a responsible or nominated individual’s role and requirements.

What is a Responsible or Nominated Individual?

Nominated and responsible individuals are generally found in care settingsnurseriesschools, hospitals and other places where care is administered. These individuals have the duty of ensuring every regulated activity provided at these facilities is supervised, managed and controlled.

These individuals have to ensure that their facilities provide sound governance and are regularly reporting to their relevant governing body.

Examples of Responsible or Nominated Individuals

Specific facilities will have their own criteria for what these individuals should do, but a general list of these responsibilities includes:

  • Overseeing service management
  • Ensuring safety and security of everyone in the facility
  • Making sure the service is compliant with relevant standards and regulations
  • Supervising and managing regulated activities that take place
  • Putting sufficient management staff, resources and support in place to continue efficient and effective service delivery

You may be familiar with regulated activities. In case you need a reminder, you can check out our blog post on these. In summary, regulated activities would include training, teaching, caring for, or supervising children. They’d also extend to include providing personal, social or healthcare for vulnerable adults.

Suppose an applicant is engaging in any regulated activity. In that case, they are eligible for an Enhanced DBS check with a check against the relevant barred list (depending on whether they’re working with children or vulnerable adults).

Would that mean that responsible or nominated individuals need to apply for an Enhanced DBS check too?

DBS Check Requirements for Individuals

Anyone carrying out the regulated activity must apply for an Enhanced DBS. That much is clear.

For anyone responsible for the day-to-day management or supervision of these people carrying out these activities, this also constitutes a regulated activity.

This would mean that responsible or nominated individuals are also eligible for an Enhanced disclosure check, with the relevant barred list check.

For anyone entering into a role that requires a valid DBS certificate, it is usually the responsibility of that hiring organisation to front the cost and submits the application. That extends to include anyone who is filling a vacancy that constitutes a nominated or responsible person.

To summarise:

If you’re carrying out a regulated activity, you’re eligible to apply for an Enhanced DBS online, with the appropriate barred list check.

If you’re supervising or managing an activity, you are also eligible for Enhanced disclosure, as well as the specific barred list check.

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