How Long is a DBS Check Valid for?

One of the biggest areas of confusion around a DBS check is how long they last. Many people express concerns about their DBS check expiring, and here at Online DBS Checks, we are very familiar with this concern.

To clear up any confusion, we have provided a short guide to outline all the facts about DBS checks, and debunk any myths. This is so you can stay clued in to the process and make more informed decisions about when to apply for DBS checks online.

Does a DBS Check Expire?

DBS checks do not have an official expiration date.

Whether a BasicStandard or Enhanced DBS check, they do not officially expire. This is because the information that’s disclosed is only accurate at the time the DBS check was carried out.

There is no set date when any information disclosed is deemed inaccurate. It doesn’t magically go from “accurate” to “inaccurate” in the space of a day, a week or even several years.

DBS certificates are essential for safeguarding requirements in various industries. Ultimately, it is at the discretion of an employer or governing body, as to whether an applicant will need to apply for a DBS again. They decide when new DBS checks can be carried out.

This is so up-to-date information can be disclosed, such as cautions, convictions, warnings or reprimands, which may not have been included in the previous DBS application. Since that time, an applicant may have new information which requires a fresh criminal record check, if their actions could potentially cause a conflict with children and/or vulnerable adults in their workplace.

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Renewal of DBS Certificate

For organisations that have to process several checks for members of their staff, it can be quite difficult to pinpoint exactly when a new check should be requested. Without the facilities of solutions like the DBS Update Service, employers can’t check the status of DBS applications as they are ongoing. This Update Service is also available for applicants.

The DBS online tracking service costs just £13 per year, but is free for volunteers. If processing a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, the DBS must receive an application for the Update Service within 28 days. This service is helpful for moving DBS checks between jobs, however, if moving into a different industry or sector, chances are that the prospective employer would request a new check.

Employers can make good use of this service, as they can check whether anything has changed on a DBS certificate.

We also offer a fast track service for employers who may be struggling with the volume of checks they have to monitor, update and process.

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