DBS Check Process and Prices for Dentists

Healthcare and NHS DBS Check Requirements

A DBS check is a requirement in many industries, so they can safeguard vulnerable adults and children, and make safer recruitment decisions. The NHS and private healthcare industries are no exception to this rule, much like education settings for teachers, lecturers and even maintenance staff and private tutors (see DBS checks for self-employed people).

If you are working in a hospital, care home or other healthcare institution, you must apply for a DBS check as part of the recruitment process. While a DBS application is required for new employees, it’s common practice for employers to keep regular, up-to-date checks on all their staff, regardless of their occupation.

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The same applies to dental practices. DBS checks are essential for effective safeguarding measures, and for ensuring that only suitable people work for a practice, thus not potentially putting children and/or vulnerable adults at risk. DBS checks in dentistry ensure that all patients are kept safe and free from harm while receiving appropriate care.

But which type of check is required for a dental surgery?

Do Dentists Need a DBS Check?

Yes, dentists would most definitely be required to apply for a DBS online. They are the essential practitioners within the dentistry profession, who are responsible for providing the majority of care to patients.

It’s not just dentists that require a check; dental nurses, administrative staff and receptionists within the practice are also examples of people who need a DBS check.

But different roles involve carrying out various regulated activities, some of which will be different for a dentist, compared to a receptionist. Therefore, different types of DBS will be required. We have outlined them below.

Level of DBS Check Required

  • Dentist – as explained above, dentists are medical professionals, as they are primarily responsible for providing healthcare to patients. Anyone who is deemed a medical professional is eligible for an Enhanced DBS check, with an additional barred list check (on both the Adults’ and Children’s Barred List).
  • Dental nurse – dental nurses also provide healthcare, and therefore engage in a regulated activity. Like dentists, this means that dental nurses must apply for an Enhanced DBS check with barred list check, once an employer has requested one.
  • Administrator – while anyone working in an administrative role within a dental surgery is not responsible for providing healthcare, they will still be coming into contact with patients as part of their role. Such staff members would typically be eligible for a Standard DBS check, but potentially higher if they are also responsible for supervising children.
  • Receptionist – same as above, it’s expected reception staff working in a dental practice will be required to apply for a Standard DBS check, but potentially higher if their role extends to carry out regulated activities.
    Both Standard and Enhanced DBS checks disclose spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings for an applicant. The difference being that Enhanced DBS certificates include additional information a local police force deems relevant to an application.
  • Cleaner – if a cleaner is unlikely to interact with patients during their tenure in a dental surgery, or indeed any other medical institution, they are eligible for a Basic DBS check. However, if the cleaner is likely to have access to patient wards, then they would be eligible for higher checks.

As you can see from the above, it’s vital to ensure that all staff working in a healthcare setting, such as a dental surgery, have the appropriate criminal record check carried out. Healthcare settings should always ensure safeguarding and care is of the highest standard, and only suitable people are recruited and vetted.

How Much Does a DBS Check for Dentists Cost?

Currently, as of October 2020, DBS check prices with us here at Online DBS Checks are as follows, for single applications:

  1. Basic DBS check – £39.40
  2. Standard DBS check – £51.80
  3. Enhanced DBS check – £69.80

Free DBS Check

If you have been called upon to assist the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit this page to find out how you can complete your DBS application without any fees.

All of the above applications are processed online, simplifying the application process. Applicants will receive results via email.

Fast Track DBS & Bulk DBS Checks

For employers who require multiple checks for their employees, we offer a Fast Track DBS service. This service allows you to track DBS check progress, using intuitive technology and user-friendly systems. You can qualify for our eBulk service if you process more than 10 DBS applications in a calendar year.

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